I really appreciate the work that Deb has put into helping me improve my posture and its so good to no longer have headaches all the time. It has also motivated me to do an extra session at home as well as twice weekly at Debs gym.  

Dr Tina

Its been fun at  Debs gym experiencing different movements; some are challenging but its all a real buzz. Definately motivating and has made me realise how important it is to keep up the mobility especially by doing some different things to what I do in daily life.

K Webb

Nice quiet suburban street with easy access parking. Deb tailors her routines for the more mature client.


We are so happy to be working with Deb in her gym. Deb has a low key approach but it’s really focused on our needs. Deb really listens to what we say we might need and comes up with solutions. Always feel so good after a workout.

Alison & Jerry

I started working with Deb to help cope with the aches and pains of aging. Deb took me through the Holistic Coaching questionnaires and I attend the gym twice weekly for an hour each time. I now have way more stamina and energy to get through the day and I’ve lost the creakiness in my joints. Generally I’m so much more balanced with blood pressure readings more stable and sleeping better.

Jenny M

I’ve made a lot of progress since attending Debs gym. I started with several injuries & Deb worked around them but still challenged me to improve. My life is really on track. I’ve lost 10kgs and I’m proud of myself for being consistent at Weight Watchers and gym workouts. Thanks Deb for all your help and for caring. I really appreciate your upbeat fun attitude and I enjoy the gym cat Garfield.

I especially realised the impact of working out when I went on a long car ride for 4.5 hours. My hip spur was no problem at all and in the past I would have really struggled with the journey. 

I feel very well supported at Debs gym. My body feels really good and Deb tunes into what my body needs. I also get quite a buzz from working out.

I feel really energised from working out. My shape is changing and I’m more toned. I particularly notice the improvement in my strength with everyday tasks and my back is sooo much better.
Debbie S

I really enjoy the variety of exercises and the fact that they are specific to my needs. Deb is very knowledgeable and I am always learning and improving. I also enjoy the flexibility to adjust the workout when I’m not feeling 100%. Deb tweaks the workout and we still get lots done.

It’s fun friendly fitness at UpFit53. 

The main thing I enjoy about Debs Gym is that I feel really comfortable working out there. Its a relaxed environment. I find big gyms a bit overwhelming and quite intimidating. I also like that I have a PT checking that I’m doing the exercises correctly. I feel so much better from consistently exercising. It also really works that my husband & I are sharing the session time twice a week.

I’m so glad I found this gym. Its actually been a lifesaver. I was putting on so much weight and struggling to make changes. I really enjoy the gym and Debs attention and interest in me. I’m much fitter stronger and healthier and I constantly notice this with everyday tasks.

It’s excellent to have a programme worked out that’s age appropriate. I am gaining in confidence and strength and really enjoying this private gym.
Mrs H

I live in the same street so it’s easy to walk to Debs. I still have to make myself go but I really enjoy it when I am there. I particularly like the personal service & flexibility to change the workout. Nice gym, good music & good conversation. 

I am usually quite intimidated by Personal Trainers but I felt really comfortable with Deb – its a nice atmosphere.  Handy to work & affordable. Works with us on what we want to do.

Great to workout with friend & handy to home. I enjoy the friendly smaller gym. Deb tailors the programme to my needs & great price. Parking is easy.

Lovely new gym. Deb is friendly & she makes the workout fun & not too serious. Started once per week & now I am going twice weekly & noticing my clothes are fitting better.

We were both quite apprehensive about starting to exercise again. Really appreciate Debs emphasis on progressing. Thank goodness she started us on easy stuff otherwise we would never have lastest this long. Fantastic having the gym all to ourselves.
Barry & Sue

The gym and Deb are great but that cat Garfield needs to start working out. He’s huge!

Debs done a great job putting this gym together. I really love that I can workout with my family in a private space & just 3 min drive from home. I’ve lost 6 kgs & I’m getting lots of compliments from workmates that I look slimmer & healthier. Looking forward to evening outdoor workouts this summer.

I am so stoked cuz I have lost 4.5kgs & I am now also more flexible. This makes me way more motivated about working out.  I also enjoy the gym cat Garfield; he is the cutest cat ever.

I’ve really noticed my body getting more toned especially my butt and I just feel stronger overall. Nice gym and it’s fun working out with my partner.