Benefits of a small private gym

A small private gym offers a completely different workout experience to the bigger commercial gyms.

UpFit53 is particularly unique because of its location and environment and offers the following:

  • Private clean facility where you have the whole gym to yourself.
  • Qualified Personal Trainer (PT) onsite for every aspect of the workout.
  • A very personable service from Coach Deb.
  • An individualised program which is adjusted regularly and designed to meet your goals.
  • Your choice of workout music.
  • A regular exercise day and time so a routine is established.
  • Benefits of a small private gymWork out exclusively one on one or with a friend, family member or work mate – (when it comes to exercise, peer pressure can be a good thing).
  • A variety of free weight gym equipment options.
  • The indoor gym has safety flooring with 15mm rubber mats covering the entire floor.
  • A variety of private outdoor workout areas to use (weather dependent) – both grassy and paved & all surrounded with native plants and trees.
  • A positive environment with an uplifting vibe.
  • Payment is per session (there is no annual membership fee).