About UpFit53

UpFit53 is a home studio gym in a cul de sac in Titirangi North, West Auckland. It is a private environment with a variety of exercise options. The indoor gym is the size of a double garage and the outdoor areas are a long driveway and a large backyard which are both directly outside the gym. Strength, mobility, agility, flexibility and fitness are the areas that Coach Deb is interested in and the gym equipment reflects this.

All workouts involve multi-joint compound exercises to get your heart rate up and improve strength while being kind to your joints. Pushing, pulling, squatting, bending, lifting and rotating are the functional movements your body is designed to do. Deb also puts a big emphasis on posture. It’s important to stretch the muscles that are pulling you out of align and strengthen the weak muscles to keep your joints stacked correctly.

Clients range in age from early 20s to 60+ and are from all walks of life. The gym is available to both men and women and appointments are a mix of sessions. Some clients work with Coach Deb by themselves, while others team up with workmates, friends, family or with their partner. People are encouraged to attend the gym twice per week in order to achieve their goals or more often if they can.

About Deb

about upfit53Deb’s background is in sports and after playing every sport she could in High School she then specialised in hockey and softball. She represented Auckland in hockey and NZ in softball becoming a World Champion with NZ in 1982. Deb was the first New Zealander to accept a softball scholarship in the USA and attended Arizona Western College in Yuma and then the top ranked California State University Fullerton. While at University, Deb majored in Physical Education and was introduced to weight training.

On return to NZ, Deb worked in the Fitness Industry as a Gym Instructor in a small gym. She was employed by Softball NZ in her dream job as the Pitching Development Coach for seven years which involved coaching both players and coaches throughout NZ and writing coaching resources. Deb was the Assistant Coach to the NZ Women’s Softball Team and attended two World Championships in this role, 2012 & 2014.

In 2015, Deb was inducted into the World Hall of Fame by the World Baseball Softball Confederation for her contribution to the game of softball.

In 2013 Deb found herself with a middle age spread and decided to make some serious changes in her life. She is now 20 kgs lighter and on a journey to get stronger and to keep active and healthy.

Debs’ qualifications:

Level 5 Personal Trainer  (AUT Auckland University of Technology)

Level 2 First Aid Certificate (The Order of St John)

Level 1 Holistic Lifestyle Coach (Chek Institute)

Pelvic Floor Safe Fitness Instructor (Continence NZ)

What Deb says:

“I studied to become a Personal Trainer to help myself cope with aging and with injuries and also to keep myself on track with exercise. I want to be healthy, fit and strong for the rest of my life and I am keen to help others follow this long term philosophy”.