Holistic Health Coaching

Looking to improve your health and well being? I now offer training on gut health in West Auckland, part of my Holistic Health Coaching program.

You are what you think, do, eat, digest and excrete.

The definition of Holistic is whole – Holistic Coaching is working on the whole person and bringing all aspects of life into balance. To do this, we go back to the basics and the client is introduced to:

The 4 Doctors of Health and Well Being.

The 4 Doctors The basics of good health
Dr Diet Learn what ratio of protein, carbohydrate and fats & oils are right for you individually and how to rotate food to eliminate any foods that may be irritating your gut.
Dr Quiet Learn the importance of time to yourself, rest to repair, rest for adaptation and total rest which is sleep.
Dr Movement Learn what quantity of exercise you need to get internal organs pumping and fluid into your joints with a ratio of working in (Breathing exercises) and working out exercises.
Dr Happiness Learn how your thinking drives your choices and your values drive your WILL POWER and your WON’T POWER!
Learn how posture has an effect on your thinking.

The basics offer balance and balance = well-being.

If you have gut health issues like IBS or bloating, tiredness, sleep deprivation and just not living up to your potential contact Deb and start your journey to improve your overall health by making some educated changes to your everyday life.

‘The secret of getting ahead is getting started’  (Mark Twain)

What Deb says:

‘I quickly realised my Personal Training education wasn’t enough to coach people to better health. I needed more knowledge and a whole person approach. After following Paul Chek for some time I decided my stating point was completing the Chek Institute Holistic Lifestyle Coaching Course L1. I am living these 80/20 concepts and I am working toward the Level 2 qualification.’

My job is to educate clients and give them knowledge and hope by offering 10-15 things to takeaway so they are inspired to make changes in their life to improve their overall health.’

So – if you’re looking for help, advice and support on gut health in West Auckland, contact me today!